Tapping out imperfections furing paintless dent repair Mazda Miata Richmond BC collaborating with paint correction services

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PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR with paont correction for complete rejuvenation in Richmond BC on a Porsche Cayenne GTS

It’s fun to put out great work when you have a network of friends and equally minded professionals who share the passion for quality. In your vehicles life cycle you'll need information or contacts for some other skilled trades people. These companies build up their trades and are pushing the best possible quality and experience for our clients over gimmicky sales. 
I genuinely love what they are all about. 

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Metro Vancouver Local Detailing, PPF and Ceramic Coating Services 

  • Detailing service, PPF, cermaic coatings (South Vancouver) - BC1 Autodetail

Dent Removal Tools sold and shipped from Canada

  • Stanliner: Stanliner brand hand made PDR tools and workshops (Toronto)
  • Cam Auto Pro: heavy duty glue pulling equipment (Montreal)
  • DCC Dent tools: corporate owned PDR tools reseller that care Dent Craft tools & other on-trend tools (Winnipeg)