Paintless Dent Removal Professional

Top quality paintless dent repair craftsman. We have a PDR studio in Vancouver open Weekdays for drop off service. The studio is secure, insured, and setup with the best conditions to produce the best possible repairs.  Appointments are encouraged.

We're qualified & vetted by 3rd parties.

Mobile Paintless Dent Removal Repair while in Richmond BC Canada

Paintless Dent Repair Certified

Choosing the right PDR service provider

Why certification? There is alot at stake when dealing with paintless dent repairs. An poorly attempted dent repair will lead to a trip to a bodyshop and could be a difference of hundreds to thousands of your dollars.
So how do you choose the right company for you? Personally I choose based on certifications first just like a dentist or doctor. Secondly, I check reviews like anyone else.
I understand these certifications don't necessarily mean much to someone out of the industry, but it does mean your potential service provider is vetted by someone.

Classic car being saved from a repaint using paintless dent repair to remove dents the paint is saved Burnaby BC Canada

You've Tried Your Best but You Got Dented: Let us erase the dent

BMW parked away from other vehicles to avoid door dings dents Richmond Burnaby Vancouver Canada

So What's Next? What's this PDR stuff?

You try your best and park away from all the other cars; you pay the price and walk farther so your car is away from other vehicles and carts. But it can still happen, you get dented! 
So the only options you know about is to try to live with the dent or have the dent repaired conventionally: stud-weld-pulled, filled, and REPAINTED at a bodyshop. 
Maybe you've heard about PDR. What is it?

Paintless Dent Repair on lower door with fade reflections in Burnaby British Columbia

I have to tell you there is another way: PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR! 

Please find a highly reputable paintless dent repair technician to reshape the dent perfectly to the original shape and not damage the paint. 

Be careful because it requires high skill and there are under-qualified service providers out there. It takes about 800 hrs of practice  AFTER specialized, good training just to repair a quarter size dent perfectly. 

Mobile Paintless Dent Repair outdoors at client workplace BMW M2 hood dent

Please do not try it yourself with a DIY PDR kit.

It takes practice if you want the repair to look like it never happened and not damage the dent to the point it will need repaint.

In reality (unlike what the online merchant's quick videos show) dent repairs can easily get in a situation where the sheetmetal becomes irreparable without filler and painting. It may not be reversible.

*This means you only have one good chance at professional PDR . You may want to qualify who does the paintless repair.

Porsche Cayenne large aluinum hood dent Vancouver BC

Send us info digitally for a free estimate.

1) We just need 2 pictures from a couple angles. They need to show the dent and where it is on the panel.

2) We also need the year/make/model of your vehicle to figure out the repair plan.

3) Let us know if the paint is factory OEM paint or if it's been repainted at some point (this is to see if we can apply glue pulling PDR)

We will give you an honest estimate and let you know what's needed to meet your expectations.

BMW M4 orange driving in for paintless dent repair Vancouver Dent Pro

If you accept the estimate, you can book online.

You can book online at your convenience.

The system is simple and asks a few questions and once completed, it will send reminders to the both of us so we can all be efficient and clear.

This is great for getting things setup with reminders and confirmation.

For now we offer drop off service at our studio in Vancouver. We are well equipped and have a controlled environment to encourage a 100% effort to make the best repair possible.

how much does pdr coat live tool calculator
live pdr cost calculator aluminum bodyline dent repair

What makes me different?

Technician working on a AAR Barracuda Classic muscle car for Concours-quality show

About Me

As a professional I have to make many choices, decisions and corrections during a repair to produce a result without damaging your once-in-a-lifetime factory paint. I constantly leverage on my past knowledge and trainings and experimenting with new PDR technology. From my metallurgical engineering background, autobody, and advanced PDR training, I can make the best decisions for your vehicle and situation.
We want you to have the most professional, non-intimidating, professional service in Vancouver BC, Canada.
Please check with me first, I will  produce THE closest thing to returning your vehicle to its original condition before the incident. I pretty much turn back time on your damage, since nothing is subtracted or added to the surface during my repairs.

Certified Paintless dent repair service provider for the Vancouver area

Why Vancouver Dent Pro? 

The very skilled trade of PDR is not regulated like other red seal skilled trades in Cana