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Frequently Asked Questions PDR

No questions are silly. Truthfully there's a good chance that someone has had the same questions you have. Have a look below, these are very common questions we hear all the time. 

Frequently asked questions regarding Vancouver paintless dent repair service offered by Van Dent Pro

Do you drill holes for access

100% No. We do not drill holes as it is not a permitted activity and is stated by original manufacturers. Especially in the case of VW , Audi, Porsche products and similar: the secondary airbag sensor is pressure sensitive any extra leakage of air flow may throw off the calibration of those sensors. We will not jeopardize the safety of your vehicle for a cosmetic dent repair.
Professional engineers have taken on the liability to stamp their approval on safety for structural designs and standards, no PDR technician has the expertise or backing to change those standards. 

How much does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

Firstly, every dent is different and usually requires an individual repair plan. The location and depth of dent will determine which  mode of paintless repair is required. But below is a general price guide:

General Current pricing calculation: 

$100 base charge plus $50 per inch of total affected area. There are other factors that increase the difficulty and cost such as bodyline repairs, deep damage, accessability with tooling, glue pull difficulty, and removal and re-install ( RnI ) of parts. It is best to send us pictures from several angles to get a more accurate pricing since every damage is a little different.

Click here for our small dent repair calculator. 

Doesn't the dent just get sucked out?

This is a very common questions, and if you have read any of the above information you will be starting to realize that paintless dent removal requires both careful planning and delicate execution.
No we don't use any type of vacuum system. The only situation that a vacuum may work is in a very large shallow dent with very little stored energy. These type of dents you could easily put your hand back there and pop out the bulk of it. 
The truth is most dents we are hired to do require much more effort. For example if you could put your thumb or hand on them any human would not be able press it out. We use alot of different tooling that uses leverage or have small contact surfaces to give a very focused force per square inch. Of course, that focused force has to be handled delicately in order to NOT damage the paint.