Mobile paintless dent repair Honda S2000 PDR rod removing dent in trunklid in Vancouver

Mobile Dent Repair

Offering mobile dent repair service to Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and New Westminster.

Professional Training and Equipment

Our mobile dent removal service incorporates the best training and PDR tools from the best companies. 

  • Trained at Top Gun and Stanliner Paintless Dent Repair schools
  • We are well versed with Glue Pull Paintless Dent Removal using Camauto Pro and Keco equipment and tools
  • For pushing tools we use Stanliner PDR tools, Dentcraft tools, Blehm, PDR Finesse, Ultra and A1 PDR tools. 


For YOU, one of the biggest advantages of mobile paintless dent removal is that PDR can be performed while you wait at home or office. Mobile paintless dent repair is truly a same day service. This means there is 

  • No loss of use and is so convenient, also
  • No painting ( no toxic chemicals)
  • No fillers, sanding and no mess (not offensive)
  • Because of the above the cost of PDR is less than conventional repairs

For YOUR VEHICLE, there are also major advantages to use paintless dent removal:

  • No welding or hotworking which can lead to rust
  • No CarFax report so there is
  • No devaluation, and
  • Because we don't need to repaint the repaired area you get to save the factory paint, which is much higher quality than aftermarket repaints ( click Read More below about the importance of keeping your original paint ).