Is High Voltage handling important for EV and Hybrids for PDR?

Tesla Electric Vehicle charging is dangerous for paintless dent repair. Power down required for some PDR procedures

IMI (Institite of the Motor Industry)
IMI's mission is making their qualifications, accreditations and membership the highest standard for professionals working in the automotive retail sectors in the UK and abroad.
IMI EV Level 2 certification verifies that the technician has the minimum knowledge to safely work on a high voltage electrified vehicle. 
EV's such as Teslas typically operate in the 500-600 Volt range and Hybrids such as Prius operate in the 400V range. These voltage ranges can be fataly dangerous to a PDR technician and the vehicle itself.

Mercedes plug in hybrid being charged

Without the miniumum knowledge and equipment, the EV and Hybrid does pose an unnecessary danger to arc flash which can stop a heart and will start an instant fire to adjacent materials.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required by high voltage electricians and the same is needed for paintless dent removal technicians when working close to terminals.
In some situations the vehicle should be powered down fully (while wearing appropriate PPE) while paintless dent removal is performed near high voltage devices and cables. Even if the devices and connections are shielded, redundancy is important in life threatening situations.

If electric and hybrid vehicle systems are not understood there is a rist to technicians of paintless dent repair and EV

We know it is a risk to the technician, but it is also a risk to the electrified vehicle itself. It is highly probably the arc flash from a potential arc surge will create a high enough flashpoint to melt steel and ignite plastics in adjacent areas.

High Voltage electricity is a new currency of stored energy today just like gasoline was in the past. We know the dangers of gasoline while working near gas lines that we can smell and feel. But high voltage is silent and odourless, so it is imperative to have a qualified technician work on your EV or hybrid.
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