About Me

North Vancouver Paintless Dent Repair tech preparing Concours-quality car

Hi my name is Pak, I'm a husband and a father to two young girls. 
My passion for PDR comes from the convergence of all my interests. I started out with a Bachelor's of Engineering in Metallurgy. I worked for Toyota for several years and felt I needed to work on my feet so I started mobile auto paint service and eventually had my own hobby auto paint and body shop. I discovered PDR there and saw the culmination of all my life experiences. Once I sold the shop I spent a few months with a local company and immediately felt I needed more. I trained at Top Gun and became inspired to be the best I could be. After two more years in the trenches of the PDR learning curve I decided to round out my learnings with the Stanliner family in Lithuania. I believed I needed another approach to see the PDR bigger picture. Not only do I have a thirst for being a better version of myself and continual improvement, I've always believed respect is earned through service and kindness.