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Vancouver Dent Pro Paintless Removal Service

Our core service offered is Paintless Dent Removal Repair (PDR), and we are bringing it to you, MOBILE!  At your residence, garage or workplace. PDR is environmentally friendly, there are no toxic chemicals and minimal waste produced. When professionally executed PDR is undeniably the best method to repair dents when your original paint has remained unbroken after damage. This method can be applied to door dings, large dents, bodyline damage, creases and hail damage.

What is VanDentPro Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair is a highly skilled trade to reshape dented outer panels such as hoods, roofs, doors and fenders without damaging the painted surface.  When PDR is done professionally the car will be perfectly shaped and the paint will be not be broken or cracked.  The corrected dent will be invisible to the naked eye. The precision of the repair will match the texture of the original paint.

No Drilling Policy

Unlike the old generations of PDR methodology, VanDentPro will not make any holes to access the back of the dent where tools are needed to shape from the back. If we cannot repair the damage without making a hole, we would rather not take on the repair as the no-drilling policy is clearly stated by OEM requirements. No drilling is permitted for PDR and this will be respected by VanDentPro.

Glue Pulling Paintless Dent Removal

We are highly invested in the glue pulling method of paintless dent repair. With this method the dented sheetmetal is worked from the outside only. The dented sheetmetal is pulled up higher than the original surface and then shaped back down to the correct profile. For this process we rely on the adhesion of the paint to the surface, so it is imperative the paint is in original factory condition. Sometimes a repainted panel can have poor adhesion depending on the technician who prepared the panel for paint.  When well executed, we believe this is the highest quality repair.  In this method nothing is taken apart and there will be no alterations to the panel (not even the backside). However, the glue pull method is also the most time consuming, since each cycle of glue pull takes longer than a tradition pushing-with-tool cycle. Because the glue pull process can leave no trace of repair, it is the highest value and therefore worthwhile.

Hyundai EV dent on a bodyline repaired with glue paintless dent repair difficult charge port panel

Glue Pull PDR Video Full repair example

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